Blessings From Friends

Thanks for the blessings from our dearest friends. We don't have many friends but just good enough!!

Mr Bun Ho & Family

I wish you two weren't so too far away
Then I could help celebrate your wedding day

Even though we're far apart
You two always close in my heart

I witness two of your love journey
And today it turns into a marriage truly

My family is now sending you hugs and kisses
For sharing a life long journey with joy and happiness

Mr Patrick Wu

May all of your tomorrows as a married couple shine with happiness
and may good fortune smile on you as you hold the future in your

Wishing you many years of happiness and love with sweet embrace.

Have a happy wedding in Canada.

~ Love from Patrick, Anna and Kevin

P.S. Your HK Standard friends here in Hong Kong are waiting for
your wedding banquet like a "giraffe" since we didn't attend for a
real good friend's wedding banquet for quite sometime....really
need one! I am sure your wedding banquet in Hong Kong will be a
very exciting night not only for you two...all of us!

Don't worry on the expense. You will make some gains on the
wedding banquet hold in Hong Kong...traditional la in HK!
You know how generous we are!

Mr Alan Castro

Congratulations, Michael and Anney!
Here's hoping that the sun shines brightest
on the September 18 day!

~ Alan Castro

Ms Betty Lam

Anney is my best friend & I am very happy to be here tonight. It’s not because my very best friend is getting married but she is marrying a wonderful & lovely man, Michael.

I’ve known Anney for many years. I have seen her going through her ups & downs, good times & bad times. A lot of things happened, though not expected or wished. As a friend, I do not have to worry about her anymore. She now has Michael who loves & takes care of her.

Anney & Michael have very different characters. Michael is well planned whilst Anney is spontaneous. Anney is addicted to a variety of hobbies whereas Michael is quite focused. But they compliment each other. They appreciate & embrace their differences. They actually make each other a better person. This is important for a marriage.

Michael is very sensitive & caring for Anney. His love for Anney is sometimes quite overwhelming. Anney well deserves his love. She brings happiness & joy to Michael & makes his life more complete.

But what touches me most is Michael’s love for Victoria who is my god daughter. He gives her love, patience & care. Victoria is at her teens. You know it better than me how difficult to be parents, particularly when your children are going through their puberty. Yet, Michael has done a great job as a father. Their relationship is filled with love, respect & trust. I truly believe both Michael & Victoria are blessed. Michael, you must be proud of your daughter.

We love you, Anney. And we love you, Michael. We wish you will love each other & live happily together forever. Congratulations!

~ Betty Lam